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    Deep In The Sync

     A collection of deep house basses and various lead melodies with a small splash of drums one-shots.

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    Gold Drip

    29 High-quality loops with stems.


    Perfect for Trap and Drill genres.

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    The 6

    6 Industry standard hip hop and trap loops.

    23 Stems
    21 Midi files


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    Alpine Trail Loop Kit

    Labyrinth 148BPM – B Minor
    Sky Turns Grey 134BPM – C# Minor
    Streamside 126BPM – F# Minor
    When It Rains 150BPM G# Minor
    Ziwa La Amani 102BPM – G Minor



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    Trap Soul Loops

    Alternate (65BPM)
    Heat (100BPM)
    Soul Food (70BPM)
    The One (55BPM)
    VHS (100BPM)


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    Lost Fire Loop Kit

    In Memorium (144BPM)
    Lxst Fire (60BPM)
    Monolith (165BPM)
    Phobos (145BPM)
    Void (144BPM)


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    Tropical Loop Kit

    Coconut (90BPM)
    Dance to the Vibe (121BPM)
    Lost Island  (80BPM)
    Serenity  (71BPM)
    Visions (75BPM)

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    Ghost Loop Kit

    Inferno (140BPM)
    Lockdown (67BPM)
    Lost (112BPM)
    Pendullum of Time (130BPM)
    Tokyo (75BPM)
    Undone (160BPM)