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  • Loop kits

    Deep In The Sync

     A collection of deep house basses and various lead melodies with a small splash of drums one-shots.

  • Loop kits

    Gold Drip

    29 High-quality loops with stems.


    Perfect for Trap and Drill genres.

  • VST


    Torgbe means “king”, and it is the male sequel to Hadziha. This choir was recorded in Ghana by Pj Daauthor, who also did the vast majority of the work from recruiting the singers to narrating the walkthrough.

    Over 3800 samples and 1 GB.

  • VST


    Hadziha means “singers”, and that’s what it is – a simple virtual choir recorded in Ghana, with a sound that’s full of character and energy. It was created in partnership with Pj Daauthor, and now also has a male sequel, Torgbe.

    Over 2300 samples, 0.98 GB.

  • VST


    A collection of West African harps and xylophones recorded in Ghana.

    Nanfo means friends in Akan. The demos are a European waltz and an African hip-hop track with beat and vocals by Pj Daauthor, who recorded all these instruments – so this sample library is definitely not limited to only one style.

    Over 1800 samples and 1.3 GB.


  • Loop kits

    The 6

    6 Industry standard hip hop and trap loops.

    23 Stems
    21 Midi files


  • Loop kits

    Alpine Trail Loop Kit

    Labyrinth 148BPM – B Minor
    Sky Turns Grey 134BPM – C# Minor
    Streamside 126BPM – F# Minor
    When It Rains 150BPM G# Minor
    Ziwa La Amani 102BPM – G Minor



  • Drum Kits

    Cape Fire Drum Kit

    8 – 808s
    12 – Hats
    10 – Kicks
    12 – Percussive Elements
    6 – Snares
    4 – Vox

  • Ambient Sounds

    Dark Hallway Atmospheres

    45 Atmospheric samples
    21 Sound FX
    18 Vocal FX
    36 Impacts

  • Mini-kit

    Darkness Loop Kit

    Included in the Darkness Loop Kit:

    Abyss (140BPM)
    Alone (130BPM)
    Dawn of War (140BPM)
    Infirmary (140BPM)
    Just a Memory (140BPM)

  • Ambient Sounds

    Indoor Foley Kit

    This sample kit contains 19 .wav format files suitable for an array of genres or film projects.

  • Mini-kit

    Iceolation Loop Kit

    Included in the Iceolation loop kit:

    Cyberpunk (149BPM Eminor)
    Purple Nights (151BPM Aminor)
    Uzzi (165BPM C#minor)

  • Loop kits

    Trap Soul Loops

    Alternate (65BPM)
    Heat (100BPM)
    Soul Food (70BPM)
    The One (55BPM)
    VHS (100BPM)


  • Loop kits

    Lost Fire Loop Kit

    In Memorium (144BPM)
    Lxst Fire (60BPM)
    Monolith (165BPM)
    Phobos (145BPM)
    Void (144BPM)


  • Loop kits

    Tropical Loop Kit

    Coconut (90BPM)
    Dance to the Vibe (121BPM)
    Lost Island  (80BPM)
    Serenity  (71BPM)
    Visions (75BPM)

  • Loop kits

    Ghost Loop Kit

    Inferno (140BPM)
    Lockdown (67BPM)
    Lost (112BPM)
    Pendullum of Time (130BPM)
    Tokyo (75BPM)
    Undone (160BPM)